• realizzazione-pannelli-isotermici

  • A revolutionary production process.
    A design to serve the structure.

    This is what makes our products unique.

    Exceptionally strong bodies designed by skilled experts, backed up by a highly efficient technical team, and which are studied down to the smallest detail to guarantee maximum performance and reliability.

  • Innovation and tradition

    Innovative and ecofriendly raw materials combined with sophisticated components. Classic but extremely reliable details. Our formula has always been to unite innovation and tradition. A research and development path that has been marked by some extremely important collaborations, such as the Aerospace Engineering Department of Padua University.

    Thanks to our revolutionary production process, the design serves the structure. The external single-cast profiles and panels ensure very precise and strong assembly, with a modern and attractive look, that is also totally waterproof as there are no perforations for screws or rivets.

    Not just innovation though: with over 35 years of experience we also pay special attention to even the most traditional details. Led sidelights, hot galvanized Fe510 steel sub-frames, stainless steel closures and hinges, all demonstrate how the global project is addressed to reducing maintenance while providing maximum performance.

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  • The exclusive patent: INNO.VA GP®

    Combine cutting edge production methods with traditional fibreglass compounds. A challenge that led us to revolutionise panel production, by introducing technical know-how unheard of before in our sector.

    To make our panels we were inspired by the sophisticated infusion methods used in the most advanced shipyards in northern Europe, adapting and improving them to fit our needs.
    The result is an innovative moulding process where the materials melt into a single body. Reinforcement beams, metal inserts for anchoring the bolts and all the structural parts are not just glued on, but melted together to form a single structure.

    This led to our exclusive INNO.VA GP® patent: a state of the art construction method and unique in the refrigerated transport sector, which not only improves the performance of our product but drastically reduces its environmental impact.