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  • Perfect cold conservation.

Perfect cold conservation.

Refrigerated Vehicles Eutec

The structure of Eutec refrigerated bodies is made of fibreglass and polyurethane foam sandwich panels, obtained by the well-tested method of INNO.VA GP® vacuum moulding. The frames are hot galvanized to render them rust free and achieve a final result of a completely self-supporting strong structure, which guarantees the best possible thermal coefficient with a very robust floor able to withstand even heavy electric transpallets.

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  • Efficiency designed
    with a cool head.

    Efficiency designed
    with a cool head.

    The mirror finish on the outside of the panels and border profiles is directly obtained during the moulding phase, with no paint applications required and this lack of painting guarantees greater resistance to both wear and atmospheric agents. The doors have double profile gaskets and do not require additional electric elements: the air vacuum effect that is created when they are closed prevents ice from forming. The outer clearance lights use led technology which makes them practically eternal.

    We study solutions addressed to energy saving and maximum efficiency after carefully analyzing the effective market needs. In order to innovate, an efficient company must be able to listen, which is why we think with cold reasoning, attention and farsightedness.

  • Effective cold conservation.
    We can guarantee it.

    Effective cold conservation.
    We can guarantee it.

    The refrigerating unit is made from carefully selected and modified materials, to ensure the best possible performance in the specific conditions involving eutectic refrigeration systems. The tropicalized condenser uses copper piping with double internal scoring which guarantees maximum efficiency, even when the outside temperature goes beyond 50 °C. The compressor has class F insulated electric coils to guarantee longer life. The cooling circuit has a double heat exchanger which provides higher cooling capacity and faster temperature reduction.

    This enables us to guarantee real and effective cold conservation. What makes us so certain? Our systems all have standard installation of digital controls in the driver cab with an incorporated temperature recorder, so that everything we promise from our products is always recorded black on white.

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