• Over 35 years of passion.

    We have been serving the temperature-controlled goods transport sector since 1979. There are three key points in our company philosophy: attention paid to the customer, ongoing technological research and production team training.

  • Innovative technology.

    Exceptionally strong fittings studied down to the smallest detail, made with construction technology derived from naval and aerospace methods, without forgetting our tradition in fiberglass. This is what makes our products unique.


  • Three brands, dozens of solutions.

    We are able to satisfy any requirements for temperature-controlled transport. From isothermal fibreglass fittings on vans, lorries and semi-trailers, through to isothermal insulation kits certified by ATP and HACCP that can be adapted to any commercial vehicle and to eutectic plate refrigerator vehicles for frozen goods transport.

But let’s talk numbers!

Here is why we are the leader in the production of isothermal fittings.

  • 20000

    production area

  • over 11000

    fitted vehicles

  • 330000

    panels produced

  • over 2900


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